Current Work

Mr. B. 1974 Triumph TR6

Mr. B has owned this car since new.  He has had a lot of work done, unfortunately, by mechanics who had less than his good interests at heart (read that “hacks”).  The car arrived running very poorly and I soon discovered the engine was worn out and need to be rebuilt.  As he is the original owner and has a deep sentimental attachment to this car, it was decided to do more than just repair the damage; it was decided to restore the major part of the car.

Once engine and transmission were removed, the engine compartment was stripped of excessive items and the entire car sent out for paint and bodywork, the engine compartment being painted as well.

At this time the engine is ready for assembly, as is the balance of the rest of the car.  The engine will receive a careful build and is fully balanced.  All the ancillary items will be rebuilt or restored, as needed.  The end result will be a very fine and new looking example of the most classic Triumph ever produced.






Under Bonnet shots of Triumph TR6, prior to paint work but after engine removed.